I hired Karen as an employee in 1987 to manage my law practice.  As a general practitioner, I needed Karen to perform tasks in all aspects of law including but not limited to drafting court pleadings,  handling in-take interviews with clients, preparing real estate closings from start to finish,  all of my administrative tasks and what proved to be truly important  ~ managing my client relationships since I was in court most every day and often-times unavailable.


I also owned a 3-story commercial building where my law practice was located along with private offices for twelve additional tenants. Karen managed the building with responsibilities including rent collection, bookkeeping, payroll, ordering supplies, keeping the building running smoothly and more importantly, keeping the tenants happy.


When Karen started Letter Perfect in 1996, she  resigned as an employee and I hired her back as an independent contractor as she continued to handle every aspect of running the office building. She also hired and trained my new paralegal and continued to handle real estate closings, probate work, estate planning, and assist on personal injury cases.


Since selling my commercial building in July of 2013, Karen continues to work with me and Letter Perfect has an office in my current location.  She is - and always has been - extremely efficient and dependable, and her attention to detail is never in doubt.  From day one, Karen has always handled my work with utmost confidentiality which is a top priority in my business.  


I would recommend Karen in the highest regard when it comes to help with any business needs.


Stephen P. Colella, Esquire, 2017

Haverhill, Massachusetts






Karen has been transcribing my investigative reports since 2012. She is a professional and extremely reliable. Karen’s finished reports are flawless and always turnkey. Call her today! You will not be disappointed.


R. Alford , P.I., 2016

Essential Investigations Inc.






I worked with Karen from 2008 until she returned to New England in 2015. Initially I hired her to work with my real estate investments and after that, she organized and prepared spreadsheets of my annual finances for my accountant.  The latter requires extreme proficiency with numbers and leaves absolutely no margin for error, and most important to me was being able to trust Karen with very private information.


From the start, Karen performed my work with expert precision and always completed my requests in a timely manner. I  recommend her in the highest regard.


Karen is not only a consummate professional but has a way of balancing the responsibilities of her work with an upbeat and energetic attitude that makes her a joy to be around.


GWH, Melbourne, Florida, 2015

Oil Investor





Several years ago, my wife Mae was combating cancer and needed reliable help to assist her in typing and publishing a book of her life story. Mae had worked in intelligence including the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in World War II, in the CIA in the Korean War and Germany, and in The Cold War. She also was present at the Nuremberg Trials from 1945-1946. Her book is entitled A Woman Ahead of Her Time.


During the process of finding the right person, Mae hired three different services. All three ultimately proved to be lacking in the necessary skills.


We then contacted Letter Perfect and found Karen Rinehimer. She took over and functioned as an integral part of my wife's mind, fully understanding the requirements, and completely coordinating all aspects of the tasks with the publisher. My wife gave full credit to Karen for her work and support. Sadly, Mae died just five days after her book went to publication.


Since then, Karen has continued working with me in the preparation and publication of my own book, The Last Mission, with all of the same skills, professionalism, and attention to detail and as expected, she did an excellent job. We will be working together in 2014 converting my late wife Mae's publication into eBook format.


NOTE:  Sadly, Pat passed away in 2014 but left me with many, many wonderful memories. He was an amazing man.

John "Pat" Ryan, 2014


Melbourne, Florida





When I found out Letter Perfect was in Florida and I was in Massachusetts, I was curious how this would work out. I found that the "virtual" world proved to be equally as professional and efficient as if we were in the same place. Everything went off without a hitch.


Thanks for a quality product. It was a pleasure doing business with you ....


HC, Boston, Massachusetts , 2012