Different projects fall into different billing categories and we always like to discuss the best fit for your needs. But here is a general outline to give you an idea of our pricing.


Letter Perfect bills at an hourly rate, a retainer package rate, or a flat fee, which depend on the specifics of the project, but our goal is to make it affordable and within your budget.


Hourly Rate

  • The hourly rate starts at $25 per hour, This works well for a short project or a first-time client who is not yet sure if this is the right solution for them, It is also suitable for clients who only require services on an "as-needed" basis.


Retainer Rates

  • This allows the client to have a set amount of hours per week/month that we dedicate to your business needs. You not only get priority time that we have both agreed on, but your rate can be negotiable.


Flat Fee

  • This fee is based on an agreed upon amount - or sometimes a "not to exceed" amount - for the project to be completed.


Additional fees such as postage, shipping, special materials, and mileage (for on-site projects)

are not included in billing rates and will be invoiced at the end of the month.

LETTER PERFECT is a Notary Public in both Maine and Massachusetts.

There is NO FEE for Notary Services