Letter Perfect has worked with the following authors on the manuscript typing and editing of their publications.
The Windmills of Fate

Nelkis Cobas, a woman of Cuban heritage, tells of her childhood memories including the support and guidance of her family who taught her the importance of an education, her days as a school teacher, and the truly remarkable twist of fate that brought her together with her husband as they escaped the control of Fidel Castro and fled to the United States in 1966. She also writes short fiction stories and includes them in her life memoirs. Published in December 2012 and available at  Author purchased the first 25 copies and donated all proceeds to The Daily Bread in Melbourne, Florida.
I Always Led - Now I Realize I Live the American Dream
The story of a man who started out with nothing and became a widely known and respected contractor in Brevard County, Florida. W&J Construction is responsible for many government buildings including several at Cape Canaveral as well as many Harris Corporation buildings and projects at the Melbourne International Airport. In addition, W&J Construction built schools, churches and other architectural buildings throughout the Space Coast. This book was published in April of 2013 for family only.
Betrayal of Justice
A retired police officer uses his life experiences to write his first crime/suspense novel. This novel continues to be a work in progress. 
Bound to Die
Anna Flowers is the noted author of three true crime books and many crime-related articles. She is a frequent public speaker and has been an investigative reporter, columnist, magazine art director, and talk show host. A native Marylander, she now lives in Melbourne, Florida and has just released the eBook of her successful 1995 novel Bound to Die - The Shocking True Story of Bobby Joe Long, America's Most Savage Serial Killer. In 2013, the author was featured in Pam Harbaugh's column in Florida Today's TGIF section and appeared on the Biography Channel's "Killer Profile" where she provided comments about Tampa Bay serial killer Bobby Joe Long. Ms. Flowers also participated in a film interview in Tampa for an A&E Documentary  appeared in a British documentary in mid-2014. The eBook of Bound to Die was released in November 2013 and the re-release in hardback is scheduled for early 2015. Learn more about Anna Flowers by visiting The eBook of BOUND TO DIE is currently available in all eBook formats at or
The Little Girl From 311 Travis Street 
Dorothy Jensen tell her story of what she considered her start on "the wrong side of the tracks", but who ended up traveling to places far beyond her roots. Published in February 2013 and available at and
The Last Mission
John 'Pat' Ryan tells the story of his lifetime career in the Air Force as a pilot, his travels all over the world, how he met the love of his life, Mae, and his years of retirement. Pat is also an accomplished artist and songwriter. Letter Perfect continues to work with Pat on the marketing of his book (and his deceased wife Mae's book, A Woman Ahead of Her Time) and are scheduling book signings and participating in area Book Fairs. Published in April 2011 and available at and
Highlights Of My Sail Through Life
Life story of a retired pediatrician who wrote of her experiences and travels, sharing the hundreds of photos along the way. This book was created for her grandchildren and great grandchildren in the years to come. This book was published in July of 2012 for family only.
It's Only Money - Memory is the True Value
Dr. Harold Fonrose is a retired board certified internist who is not only sharing his life story as an African-American who became successful despite life's hurdles, but he also shares his own philosophies and the philosophies of Proust on how timing, chance, and opportunity played such an important role. Published in February 2012 and available at and
From Barnstorming to Bush Pilot
Don Gaylor's story spans his lifetime as an Air Force Pilot who fell in love with flying as a young boy. His military career offered him the chance to live in New Guinea, the Philippines and South Africa - and he not only worked hard, but experienced every aspect of these cultures along the way. Published in December 2010 and available at and
War is Not All Hell
William Covington tells of his two tours in Viet Nam as a Dust-off Pilot. He speaks not of the horrors of war, but of the friendships and camaraderie that are born in times of war. Publlished in July 2010 and available at and
The White Landlord in the 'Hood
Richard Arlington tells of his years as a landlord in the suburbs of a major city - sometimes in the tougher neighborhoods. He tells what it was like to be white in predominantly black neighborhoods and discusses the importance of standing up for your rights. Published in June 2010 and available at
A Woman Ahead of Her Time
Mae Ness Ryan began to travel the world in 1942 as a single woman and experienced an amazing life. She was one of the first female members of the OSS, the predecessor to the CIA. She met and married John 'Pat' Ryan, an Air Force Pilot, and dedicated the rest of her life supporting his military career and being a mother. Mae passed away in January of 2009, just after approving the publication of her book which is currently available at and